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Summer Pick & Mix: Choose from 4 special offers.

Summer Pick and Mix!
Choose from 4 Special Offers

We’re bringing back the joy of Pick and Mix sweets, but this time, it’s all about motorhome holidays. Take a sweet stroll down motorhome lane and choose the Summer Pick and Mix Offer that suits you best. Choose from 4 different special offers guaranteed to make you pucker with joy.

Enjoy FREE flexible change cover PLUS choose ONE of four Summer Pick and Mix Offers


1. For 1 free double bedding set, enter promo code: FREEBEDDING

2. For free pet cover for up to 2 pets, enter promo code: FREEPET

3. For free camping furniture for up to 6 people, enter promo code: FREECAMPFURNITURE

4. For 5 nights free car parking at the branch (excludes Dublin), enter promo code: FREEBRANCHPARKING

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Offer details:

Booking Validity: 8 - 28 July

Valid for Travel: Anytime between 1 July – 25 August 2024

Vehicles: All Just go vehicle types

Locations: All Just go pick-up locations

To book:

Book directly on the Just go website and add your chosen promo code, or contact our team directly by telephone on 01525 878000 or by email


Subject to availability at all times based on fleet capacity assigned this special.
Minimum rental as per normal conditions.
The Long-hire Discount does apply.
Only 1 Pick and Mix promo code can apply to the booking.
This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offers.
Normal terms & conditions, payment conditions and cancellation fees apply.
Only applies to NEW bookings.
Rates are in currency of the pick-up branch.

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