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Horse Racing with
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Spend less, get more. Finding accommodation close to the races can be quite expensive especially with a day out at the races becoming more popular. Guarantee luxurious and comfortable accommodation with all your home comforts by hiring a motorhome. Suitable for all horse racing events, local campsites are situated near racetracks and have all the amenities you will need to get ready for the races.

The full horse racing calendar can be found here

The biggest and best horse racing events in the UK:

Cheltenham Races
Grand National
Royal Ascot
Epsom Derby

Just go at the races

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Next Up: Grand National

Watched by millions around the world, The Grand National is a sold-out event with lots happening both on and off the track. Attracting over 150,000 racegoers it is the most popular jumps race of the racing calendar. Famous for its ladies day and an incredible atmosphere, the main Grand National race is popular amongst people who do not normally watch or bet on the horse racing at other times of the year.

Motorhomes for Grand National from £238

2 berth - from £238

2 berth

4 berth - Fully booked

3 berth

5 berth - Fully booked

5 berth

6 berth - Fully booked

6 berth

Campsites local to Grand National / Aintree

Campsite: Maghull - Hidden Corner Camping
Distance from racetrack: 3.5 miles
Price of campsite: £12.00 – 15.00* per person /per night

Campsite: Skelmersdale - Ash Grove
Distance from racetrack: 8 miles
Price of campsite: £10.00 – 14.00* per person /per night

Campsite: Wirral – Arrowe Brook Farm
Distance from racetrack: 9.8 miles
Price of campsite: £17.00 – 18.00* per person /per night

Campsite: Southport - Century House
Distance from racetrack: 10 miles
Price of campsite: £10.00 – 15.00* per person /per night

Campsite: Ormskirk - Swallow House Farm
Distance from racetrack: 10.7 miles
Price of campsite: £9.00 – 10.00* per person /per night

*pricing may vary. Please contact the campsites directly for accurate pricing

Cheltenham Festival

Cheltenham Racecourse presents Four Days of Extraordinary as the pinnacle Jump racing event of the year, an event with an atmosphere that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, celebrating the very best of jump racing as the finest horses, jockeys, owners and trainers battle it out for the highest racing honours, their reputations and over £4.5 million of prize money.

Campsites local to Cheltenham festival

Campsite: Winchcombe Campsite
Distance from racetrack: 5.7 miles
Price of campsite: £8.65-14.55* per person /per night

Campsite: Blackmore Club Site
Distance from racetrack: 15.1 miles
Price of campsite: £6.80* per person/per night

Campsite: Chipping Norton club site
Distance from racetrack: 22.2 miles
Price of campsite £7.05-£12.00*

Campsite: Hereford Club site
Distance from racetrack: 23 miles
Price of campsite £8.65-£14.55*

Campsite: Brace lands – forest of dean (camping in the forest)
Distance from racetrack: 24.9 miles
Price of campsite £14.20* (2people sharing)

*pricing may vary. Please contact the campsites directly for accurate pricing

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