Just go have developed a dedicated motorhome sales website, selling new and used motorhomes at competitive prices. All used vehicles are under 2 years old and have been maintained to a high standard. Visit www.approvedrv.co.uk to see our latest offers.

We are holding a sales open day on March 30th. Sign up here to be on our guest list.

2018 Rollerteam Zefiro 675

2018 Rollerteam Zefiro 675 for sale


2018 Rollerteam Zefiro 690

2018 Rollerteam Zefiro 690 for sale


2018 Rollerteam T-Line 590

2018 Rollerteam T-Line 590 for sale


2017 Rollerteam Auto-Roller 259TL

2017 Rollerteam Auto-Roller 259TL for sale


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