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Personalise your motorhome

We understand that everybody wants something different from their motorhome and we therefore make it easy for you to customise your vehicle with our wide range of extras that can be fitted to your motorhome. Here is a selection of our most popular, but don’t feel limited by them! As our engineers have over 25 years of industry experience, you are assured that all accessories will be professionally fitted. For your no obligation, free personalized quote call us on 01525 878000.



Fiamma are the leading manufacturer of a range of products for motorhomes, campervans and van conversions.

1. Awnings

Motorhome with awning

The original wall and roof mounting Fiamma Awnings are available in different finishes and colours to match the design of your motorhome. With or without a privacy room, these double the space of your motorhome and offer shelter from the midday sun (or British rain).

3.5m awning = £773.00
With privacy room £1,568.00

4m awning = £828.00
With privacy room = £1,855.00

4.5m awning = £945.00
With privacy room = £1,961.00

2. Bike racks

Motorhome bike rack

Don’t want to drive everywhere? Why not fit a Fiamma bike rack to you motorhome and take your bikes with you and enjoy the freedom they offer. We have a wide range to chose from to suit all vehicles.

Pro C 4 tray bike rack (fully fitted) = £397.00

Prc C 4 tray bike rack (on existing fittings) = £264.00

3. Security systems

Safe door lock

Ensure your motorhome is safely locked by installing the Fiamma 'Safe Door' product. Available as a single lock or a bundle of 3 locks. The locks are made from anodised aluminium without plastic parts. One key fits all 3 locks.

Safe door , single lock = £99.00

3 lock bundle with same key = £249.00


1. Gaslow refillable gas system

Why struggle connecting, lifting and carrying heavy gas bottles and then pay 50% more for the gas than you have to? Also when you go to Europe and you run out of gas, it becomes a nightmare as you cannot exchange your empty cylinder for a full one. Not any more, fit a Gaslow refillable gas bottle.

Gas bottles Gas bottle Gas Safe

11kg single cylinder system with stainless steel hose = £359.00

Gaslow offer a range of single & twin systems & we offer the whole range so please enquire for more details.

2. BBQ’s

Enjoy the great outdoors to its full potential. Install a BBQ point and cook outside with the ease of a gas BBQ and without the need for a separate gas bottle.


External BBQ point = £229.95

We offer a range of portable gas BBQ’s so please contact us for more details.


1. Solar Panels

Don’t like to be constrained to a campsite with hook-up? Fit a solar panel kit and keep your battery levels topped up. We offer both 80W and 120W panels with the option of digital meters and dual output to keep your chassis battery levels up too.

Custom kits available including digital meters and dual output regulators to charge both leisure and chassis batteries.

Solar Panel Solar Panel

80w solar panel kit = £499.00

120w solar panel kit = £599.00

2. USB charging points

Do you have multiple USB devises that need charging? Have a USB charging point fitted to your motorhome and charge your mobile phone or table directly from your leisure battery without the need for hook-up.

Prices start from £130.00 for a single USB charging/ power socket fitted (including transformer)

TV on the move

1. Satellite systems

For superb signal and ease of use fit an Oyster satellite to your motorhome. Want to stay connected? The Oyster Internet gives you internet connectivity as well as all of your regular satellite channels.

Oyster satelite dish Oyster

Oyster Cytrac UK = £1,999.00

Oyster vision 85 Europe = £1,999.00

Oyster vision EU Twin LNB = £2,099.00

Oyster internet = £3,499.00

2. Digital aerial

Want TV on the move without the expense of a satellite? Fit a status 330 Omni aerial: this easy to use aerial offers 1 button tuning and compact design.

TV aerial Vision

Status 330 Digital television aerial = £199.00

3. Avtex TV’s

The Avtex range of TV’s have been purposely designed for the leisure industry and offer great picture and sound quality along with a range of neat features. Want the complete package: team it with an Oyster Premium satellite and tune your dish through your TV.

TV set Avtex

18.5” frameless TV/DVD/ Freeview = £299.00

21.5” TV/DVD/Freeview = £399.00

Reversing aids

1. Reversing Cameras

Watch your back. Reversing cameras are invaluable when it comes to seeing what is behind you. Fit one of our reasonably priced kits and save yourself the cost of repairs from those unseen objects.

Reversing camera single = £499.00

Reversing camera double = £599.00

Reversing Cameras

2. Reversing sensors

This inexpensive option is brilliant at guiding you backwards when parking.

Set of 4 sensors = £189.00

Sensors can be colour coded, please ask for prices.

Reversing sensors


For peace of mind, fit a Thatcham CAT2/ 1 insurance approve alarm system and keep your second home secure.

Sigma Thatcham alarm system = £599.00

Sigma Alarm System

Hekki 2 Roof light

Skylight Seitz

For evening stargazing or to maximise the light and feeling of space inside your motorhome fit a large hekki roof light.

Prices start from £649.00, please contact us for your personal quote.

Ceramic Paint

Williams Ceramic Coat Paint Protection - £699.00

Ceramic coat protects your vehicle’s paintwork leaving an extremely durable and high-gloss finish which prevents pollutants from impacting your car’s paintwork. Once treated your paintwork is guaranteed for 5 years and you will never have to polish it again. Combined with an innovative interior protection system, Ceramic Coat also shields the fabrics inside the vehicle, making everyday spills, dirt and grime easier to remove.

Tyre protect

£30.00 per tyre

Save on unnecessary tyre replacements with tyre protect. A lab tested and road proven tyre sealant, which is designed to prevent punctures, permanently repair any penetrated holes and help to maintain constant air-pressure, extending tyre life and greatly improving fuel economy. Last the entire legal life of the tyre and will NOT invalidate the tyre warranty.

Internal carpets

From £299.00


Neutral in colour, these purpose made carpets fit snugly, are easy to remove and clean and offer the comforts of home. Prices start from £299.00, made to measure and fully fitted.

All prices include VAT and fitting.

At Just go we offer a bespoke service so contact us now to discuss your requirements and get a quote. Call us on 01525 878 000 or email us

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