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Hire a Motorhome from Dublin, Ireland. Collect from our Irish depot.

Exploring Ireland in a motorhome is an amazing experience, allowing you to take in the nation's most breathtaking landscapes, from its majestic lakes to its rugged coastlines, and perhaps even a traditional whiskey distillery or two. With no restrictions on distance, your journey can be as big as your imagination, making memories that will last and it all starts from our Dublin motorhome hire depot.

Our range of automatic motorhomes are comfy and spacious, plus our vehicles give you all of the home from home comforts you’d expect. Whether it's indulging in a refreshing shower or savouring a hearty meal prepared on-board, your motorhome will give you a unique and wonderful holiday in Ireland. Our generously sized beds guarantee a rejuvenating sleep, prepping you for subsequent chapters of your Irish motorhome adventure.

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Rainbow 2 berth

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Mystery 2 berth

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Voyager 4 berth

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Pathfinder 4 berth

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Wanderer 4 berth

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Mystery 4 berth

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Trekker 5 berth

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Navigator 5 berth

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Adventurer 6 berth

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Mystery 6 berth

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Motorhomes rental in Dublin, Ireland

Travelling Ireland in a motorhome is a delight for those with a sense of adventure. If you’ve not rented motorhomes in Ireland before, then don’t worry as our expert team can answer any questions you may have.

Our rentals come with roadside assistance, comprehensive insurance, automatic transmission and unlimited kilometres. Travelling around Ireland in a rental motorhome offers a unique and unforgettable experience. Here are some reasons why choosing Just go Dublin for your Ireland motorhome rental will make it an unforgettable trip:

  • Unlimited Kilometres – Explore Ireland with freedom
  • Peace of Mind - Reliable vehicles with breakdown cover
  • Breathtaking Scenery - Choose your own route across Ireland
  • Home Comforts - Shower & toilet, stereo, TV/DVD* and fully equipped kitchen
  • New Rental Vehicles - Motorhomes are replaced each year
  • Relax and Unwind - Spacious, comfortable and modern vehicles
  • A Little More - Upgrades available including bike racks* & child seats
  • Well Regarded - A Ireland motorhome hire company with outstanding reviews

*Mystery vehicles may not have a TV or the ability to fit a bike rack

What to expect from your
Dublin motorhome hire

When you rent a motorhome in Ireland, you’re renting more than just a vehicle. You’ll experience stunning landscapes, from the rugged Wild Atlantic Way to the serene lakes of Killarney, together with wonderful people and access to some unique places to sleep. Plus with unlimited kilometres you can explore as mush of Ireland you’d like!

On arrival at the Just go Dublin depot, you’ll be met by one of our friendly, experienced motorhome experts who’ll explain what to expect once you’re roaming the Irish countryside. You’re then free to make your own route through the counties of Ireland.

Whether you're aiming to unwind, appreciate the Irish landscape, visit landmarks, or wander along the coast, a truly memorable adventure awaits you. When travelling Ireland in a motorhome there's something to captivate everyone, be it friends or family.

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Motorhome hire Ireland

Reasons to choose Just go for a motorhome holiday around Ireland:

  • A choice of berths, layouts and specifications
  • Automatic vehicles with unlimited kilometres
  • Hot showers, on-board toilets and well-equipped kitchens
  • We buy brand new vehicles every year, so you’ll have a reliable motorhome
  • Comprehensive insurance, roadside assistance & on-road support
  • From smaller rentals to large motorhomes
  • Entertainment on-board, with TV, DVD and stereo included* in your hire
  • Collect your motorhome rental from our Dublin depot

*Mystery vehicles may not have a TV or the ability to fit a bike rack

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Ireland Questions

What's the difference between renting a campervan and a motorhome in Ireland?

Renting a campervan and a motorhome in Ireland offers two distinct experiences. Campervans are typically more compact and maneuverable, ideal for those who prefer a vehicle that's easy to drive and park, especially in narrow country lanes or crowded city streets. They are best suited for individuals or couples due to their smaller size.

Motorhomes, on the other hand, offer more space and comfort, making them perfect for families or those who desire extra living amenities such as larger beds, full-sized showers, and expanded kitchen facilities. They provide a more luxurious experience with the feeling of a 'home on wheels,' but they require more consideration when navigating through tight spots and arranging overnight parking.

Both options allow you to explore Ireland’s breathtaking landscapes with the freedom to roam, but your choice will depend on the level of comfort you seek, the size of your travelling party, and your confidence in driving larger vehicles.

What’s the difference between a campervan and a motorhome?

Embarking on a motorhome adventure in Ireland presents a tapestry of diverse landscapes and cultural experiences. One of the premier routes is the Wild Atlantic Way, stretching over 2,500 km along Ireland’s western seaboard. Here, you can navigate from the wind-whipped headlands of Malin Head in the north to the craggy inlets of Kinsale in the south, with motorhome-friendly campsites dotting the route. This coastal trail is not just a driving pleasure but also a gateway to discovering hidden coves, historic lighthouses, and local seafood delicacies. Each stop along the Wild Atlantic Way offers an authentic slice of Irish rural life, with the convenience of your motorhome ensuring you never miss a sunset or a spontaneous dip in the Atlantic.

In the southwest, the Ring of Kerry provides a circular route that is a microcosm of the country’s rural beauty. Motorhome travellers can navigate this 179 km loop at their leisure, unveiling an enchanting world of lush greenery, peat bogs, and peaceful lakes. The route is punctuated with ample parking spots for motorhomes, allowing for unhurried exploration of the ancient ruins, national parks, and charming towns like Kenmare and Killarney. The flexibility of a motorhome means you can take a break to hike a stretch of the Kerry Way walking trail or pause for a picnic with panoramic views of the MacGillycuddy's Reeks.

For those seeking a mix of coastal scenery and cultural heritage, the Causeway Coastal Route is unmatched. Stretching from the vibrant city of Belfast to the historic walls of Derry, the route is lined with rugged cliffs, sandy beaches, and the mystical Giant's Causeway. Motorhome travellers can delve into the local lore, enjoy the hospitality of coastal villages, and still retire to the comfort of their vehicle amidst nature. Further inland, the serene lakes of Killarney National Park beckon with their tranquil beauty and wildlife, while the historic treasures of Ireland’s Ancient East offer a journey through centuries within a compact area, each within easy reach from the convenience of your motorhome. Whether it's waking up to the gentle lapping of lake waters or parking under the shadow of a medieval castle, the motorhome experience in Ireland can be as varied and rich as the landscapes you traverse.

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