The top five accessories that are currently trending at the Just go service centre

There are a number of accessories that can make your motorhome experience more enjoyable. We list the top five accessories that are currently trending at the Just go service centre below.

Digital TV aerial:
It is a great idea to install a digital television aerial on the roof of your motorhome to ensure you don’t miss your favourite shows whilst on the road across the UK.

4G aerial & Wifi transmitter:
Stay hooked up with wireless internet whilst on the road with a 4G aerial and wifi transmitter. This gives you the freedom to go online whilst on the road using a dedicated prepaid sim card.

Solar panel:

Keep your leisure battery fully topped up when you travel to places with limited electric hook-up. Perfect for festivals and living off-grid for extended periods. Essential addition if you spend most of your time somewhere sunny!


An awning is a great way to add an extendable sheltered area to the side of your motorhome. They are easy to set up and can be installed in a few hours.

Gaslow refillable system:

The Gaslow system is great and makes refilling your cylinder easy. You can fill up at petrol stations across Europe.

Staff Blog - Chloe, Just go Tour Guide

How did you hear about Just go and how did you get the job?

The mother of one of my mothers pottery students told me that Just go were recruiting. I jumped at the chance and submitted my application immediately, and received a phone call on my birthday to arrange an interview, and happily they hired me!

How long have you worked at Just go?

Three summer seasons, though this is my first autumn/winter season so I’m not sure what to expect!

Can you describe a typical day at Just go?

In the morning I arrive at around 8.50, grab a radio then sign in with an eye scan, which never works for me! I speak to Catherine to find out what is new and what to be aware of after which I’ll add the finishing touches to the motorhomes so they’re ready to go out on hire. After lunch I’ll take customers on motorhome tours, in between which I’ll catch up on office work, help out with laundry and go for a little dance if I feel like it!

What’s your favourite part of working at Just go Motorhomes?

Hands down the people I work with, I absolutely love my colleagues from every department and we make a great work family!

What’s your main achievement since starting work at Just go Motorhomes?

I’ve learnt how to deal with all types of customer and empathise with their issues and worries. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my interpersonal skills over the three years I’ve been here.

What makes Just go stand out from other motorhome rental companies?

Just go only use new motorhomes which means that they’ll always be in great condition, which is why I love working with them! We like to put a lot of effort and energy into the tours we give and we don’t leave the motorhome until we are completely satisfied that the customer understands how to use everything on board.

What is your favourite motorhome and why?

I absolutely love the Trekker as it is so family orientated. Everyone can sit around the huge U shaped sofa at the back and have a nice chat!

The New Forest - Part 1

Another memorable trip I had in a Just go Motorhome was when a friend and I took our two daughters down to the New Forest for a few days. The New Forest is in Hampshire, close to the South coast and is about a 2 hour drive from Just go. We found a fantastic but basic campsite in the heart of the New Forest and set up camp. We had packed bikes for us and the little ones and had brought all our wellies and waterproof clothing as well as t shirts and jumpers so all bases were covered. We had decided that we were going to do everything, no matter what the weather threw at us.

As we were setting up our outdoor table and chairs, the girls screeched 'ponies' and started pointing wildly. I looked around to where the girls were looking and there among the trees was a small herd of ponies. As this was my first time in the New Forest I hadn't quite appreciated that the New Forest ponies did just wander about anywhere they chose. On this occasion they had decided the rather large clearing at the edge of our campsite was the best spot and had the juiciest grass.

We walked towards the ponies and they didn't seem scared at all. I decided not to push our luck by going too close, so all four girls admired them from a short distance. It was lovely to see a foal among them. After watching them for a few minutes, the ponies decided to wander off to the next bit of juicy grass along the edge of the campsite. After that first encounter with the ponies, we went on to see lots more sightings over the few days we were down in the New Forest.

The campsite had a very good tourist information desk where we found out about the local attractions and good routes for cycling and walking with a young family. With map in hand we went off for our first bike ride. We found that most of the tracks were really well maintained and the sign posting was good. The downside was that I think we were a little over ambitious as to how far our little girls could cycle, so most of the 'bike ride' was actually spent at a leisurely walk pushing 2 bikes! However being in a forest there were tons of different flora and fauna to look at and explore so our first expedition into the forest was a great success.

We decided to BBQ most evenings as the weather had deciding to be kind to us, but on the odd occasion we did eat out, we found a fabulous pub and a cracking fish and chip shop. In the evenings the girls tended to watch a DVD on the TV provided by Just go while my friend and I sat outside on the camping chairs drinking wine and watching the ponies, rabbits, squirrels and the odd human being go by. Bliss.

I loved our first holiday in the New Forest and since then I have been back a few times and plan to go again this summer with friends and my not so small daughter and son.

Driving in Europe

Many of our clients love to take their Just go motorhome onto mainland Europe. It's a great way to travel through different countries and cultures. You can chase the sun, or if it's a winter holiday, chase the snow. Or even chase the vineyards! We don't charge extra for mileage, so customers can drive to their hearts content with our unlimited mileage policy. We have ensured that all our motorhomes comply with the current European legislation and safety regulations. We include the 'European travel pack' which includes beam benders, high vis jackets, fuse kits, warning triangles etc. All of which are compulsory to carry when travel in Europe. The motorhomes can be taken on the ferries and on the Eurotunnel, so the choice of getting there is up to the customer. The extra 'European Insurance' which clients have to take out when crossing to mainland Europe covers the hirer in the event of an accident or breakdown.

A few things to consider when driving on the mainland:

  • Did you know that in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Benelux and Scandinavia they all have free overnight motorhome sites? Known as 'Aires', they can be car parks or farms that allow free stopovers.
  • Speed cameras. As of March 2013, France has introduced new 'invisible mobile speed cameras'. 20 of these are operating onboard unmarked police cars, mainly on the north - south motorways. A hundred of these new cars should be in operation by 2014. Please drive carefully.
  • Breakdown or accident. All motorhomes in France must carry a red warning triangle and yellow fluorescent jacket.

Theme Parks

I don't know about you, but I love going to theme parks. I always feel as though I've had a holiday after I've been to one. Even with the kids now in tow, we all seem to get a great deal of fun out of the day. By far my favourite is Alton Towers. I have been pretty much every year for the last 30 years. Sad but true. I have seen it change and grow over the years and it is now an entirely different beast to what it used to be.

Alton Towers is in Alton in Staffordshire, about a two hour drive from the Just go depot in Hertfordshire. They have very good parking facilities, so taking your Just go motorhome is easy. The park has a themed monorail service running every few minutes from the car parks to the entrance to the park. I think my favourite train was covered in 'Liquorice Allsorts', but that might have changed....... There is so much to do in the park; I suggest that you arrive as the park opens at 10.00. They have several different options for tickets; family tickets, 2 day passes, fast track queuing etc that it is worth having a look on their website before you arrive.

The food inside the park is what you would expect from a theme park, mainly burger and pizza options, but there are the odd restaurants which sell more varied fare. There are some beautiful places to eat a picnic in the park – the gardens, especially in late spring when the rhododendrons are out are magnificent. Alternatively you can always take the two minute monorail back to your motorhome.

There are masses of rides and shows to suit all age groups and sensibilities. From the adrenaline fuelled, eye watering, stomach churning 'Oblivion', Nemesis and Thirteeen (to name but a few!) to the sedate and scenic cable cars and Sea Life Centre. If you have any energy left, or maybe if your wanting to stay in the area for a couple of days, 'Splash Landings' is an indoor/outdoor water park with lots of slides, a lazy river and toddler pool. If you don't fancy getting wet, but want to watch the action, there are loads of seats around the water park area. There is also a bar for sandwiches, snacks and drinks.

I believe, but I have never tried it, there is a crazy golf course with a difference. It's called 'Extraordinary Golf' and The Alton Tower's website describes it as: 'Two wacky 9-hole courses with outrageous obstacles themed around some of the most famous Alton Towers Resort rides and attractions. Putt your way to Oblivion and meet your Nemesis - a superb way to start or end your day. Open daily all year round!' Anyway, I'll let you decide if Alton Towers is your cup of tea, I would love to see a family picture if you do decide to go!

National Trust properties in the South East

There are many beautiful places right on the Just go doorstep to visit. I thought I would mention a few National Trust properties to get us started. The National Trust is a national charity which owns and maintains old houses as well as parkland and woodland, and even some of our coastline. It was founded 116 years ago 'with the aim of saving our nation's heritage and open spaces'. Within a 10 minute drive of Just go, there are three national trust sites; the Tree Cathedral, Dunstable Downs and Ashridge. The Tree Cathedral is a small but fascinating place. In the middle of the tiny village of Whipsnade (perhaps more famously known for it's fantastic zoo) there are trees and shrubs planted in the shape of a medieval cathedral. It was created after the First World War in the spirit of faith, hope and reconciliation. There is no charge for visiting the cathedral but donations are welcome. Dunstable Downs is a Site of Special Scientific Interest because of it's extensive chalk grassland. It also sits within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. There are many circular walks and there is an abundance of wildlife to see. It is the highest point in Bedfordshire and it is a fantastic place to fly kites and watch gliders soaring in the sky above. The Ashridge Estate criss-crosses the border between Herfordshire and Buckinghamshire, along the main ridge of the Chilterns. There are 2,000 hectares of woodlands, commons, and chalk downland supporting a rich variety of wildlife and offering splendid walks. The focal point is the Bridgewater Monument, erected in 1832 to the Duke of Bridgewater in recognition of his pioneering canal development. There is a gift shop as well as a great outdoor cafe. Towards the end of Spring the bluebell woods are magnificent. A little further afield is the magnificent house and grounds built in the style of a 19th Century French chateau; Waddesdon Manor. It was built by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild in 1874 to display his outstanding collection of art treasures and to entertain the fashionable world. Whaddesdon operates a timed ticket system for visiting the house. Please go to the ticket office on arrival or book in advance. More information for the National Trust properties listed above and many many more can be found at the website If you do go and visit one of these sites, or indeed any National Trust property, we would love to see a Just go motorhome in the photo! Until next week......

Sun at last!

The sun is at last shining. The Just go motorhomes returning from the Italy trip are gleaming in the sunshine. As our customers come back from their 10 days, one way trip from Italy, there are lots of tales of adventures. The motorhomes have been to the alps, through 15km long tunnels, to Germany, Switzerland and France. They have been photographed next to mountains, lakes and shops. We've had some great tweets. Here are a couple of them: 'Excellent vehicle - really nice ride! An excellent family adventure taking in 4 countries and some wonderful scenery' and also 'Please may we do it again tomorrow?! We have had a terrific adventure!' and I couldn't resist adding this one: 'ALL STAFF BRILLIANT! All arrangements + organisation faultless. Shame about the cold weather - an adventure!!'

So that's the 'Due North –The Big Italy Roadtrip' over for another year. And so our attention turns to the spring and summer ahead. For the first time, we at Just go decided to bring some automatic transmission motorhomes on to the fleet, and we've had some excellent feedback. We've also got models with lots of storage space and different sleeping configurations. There are seven different models to choose from this year.

We have also introduced iPad Mini's as a creature comfort. Each iPad Mini comes with some pre-loaded games. Customers are welcome to add their own and when the iPads are returned at the end of the hire, we reset them to the original Just go settings. We also have the usual optional extras e.g. bikes, generators, linen sets etc.

The festival season is approaching, with Glastonbury looming on the horizon. I believe we had a record sell-out of Glastonbury motorhomes this year, with all of them booked within a couple of days of the festival tickets going on sale. We hope the weather is kind to our Glastonbury hirers, but if it's not, they can be safe in the knowledge that when they have finished for the night, they can come back to a nice warm and dry motorhome.

Last but not least, i thought I would mention a great first night/last night campsite near the Just go depot. It's called 'Town Farm' and it's in Ivinghoe near Whipsnade Zoo. It's only 20 mins from Just go and it is set in beautiful countryside. It had a new shower and toilet block built last year and it is open all year round. There are many places to visit close by: Whipsnade Zoo, Ascott House, Wendover woods. As well as cycling in Ashridge Forest and the Ridgeway. There are also opportunities for horse riding, 4x4 off road driving, clay pigeon shooting and fishing.

Things to do when travelling back to the UK.

Keeping on the Italian theme, we thought we would suggest a couple of things to do/see with a Just go motorhome while travelling back to the UK. Did you know that many of the ski fields in France, Switzerland and Austria have campsites very close to them? So for those people driving back from Italy, it may be the perfect opportunity to do a bit of skiing or snowboarding while passing through Europe. It's a pretty inexpensive way to do it as well. With plenty of storage (make sure you book a motorhome with the big outside lockers) and a fully equipped kitchen, you can prepare your meals in your motorhome. This saves on eating out, which quite frankly is pretty damn expensive in ski resorts. You also have the added advantage of being able to move around the Alps, chasing the good snow. There is a bathroom with shower, loo and toilet and a TV/DVD with aerial for when you need some entertainment in the evenings.

Another thing you could do is go to Lake Garda -an absolutely stunning place to visit. There are campsites galore and it's a haven for outdoor pursuit's enthusiasts. There are watersports, hiking, biking opportunities as well as great restaurants and it even has its own theme park!

Talking of theme parks, if you are travelling with children (or even if you're not!), you could stop off at Disneyland Paris on your way home - a wonderful way to finish off a trip. There are campsites close to Disneyland, some of which offer free transfer to the park. And of course it's easy to catch public transport into Paris itself, if you fancy a bit of culture. Parking a motorhome in the middle of Paris is not a very easy thing to achieve!

Finally of course, the pull of the vineyards as you travel through the winemaking regions is a definite must for some. There are plenty of vineyards which offer tasting opportunities, and because you have a motorhome, you can easily squeeze in a couple of cases to bring home. To cross the channel, you have two options. The Just go motorhomes can be taken on either the Eurotunnel or the cross channel ferries. Both of which are pretty quick. We personally prefer the ferries as they in themselves offer quite an adventure. On the whole they have good restaurants and shops and the kids love driving onto and off the ship. There is also the thrill of standing on the ship's deck watching the white cliffs of Dover getting closer and closer. Magical! Until next time.....

Our first blog post!

Well here it is, the first post of the Just go blog. We thought we would give it a whirl and see if it's useful to potential customers thinking about trying a motorhome holiday and also to those that have been on a Just go Motorhome holiday and fancy going again. We hope to cover topics like good places to visit, top tips about motorhoming, getting the most out of your holiday.... that sort of thing. We hope you find it interesting and useful. To kick the blog off I've chosen our one-way Italy to London trip to tell you about.

Even though the weather is pretty rubbish here in the UK at the moment, Over 150 of our intrepid customers had beautiful Italian sunshine when they flew into Tuscany over the weekend to pick up their brand-new hire motorhome. We call it 'Due North –The Big Italy Roadtrip' and it happens every year at the beginning of the Easter holidays. Customers fly out from the UK (which we at Just go arrange for them) and are then transferred from Pisa to Poggobonsi an hour and a half coach journey. Here they receive the keys to a brand new motorhome, straight out of the factory. (Some of the crew at Just go spend about a week before the customers arrive adding all the extra bits to the motorhomes to make them ready, as well as clean away the factory dust so they a spotless and spanking new!)

Customers then have ten days to drive their motorhome back to the UK. Customers can extend their trip if they want to, we are very flexible! As well as sorting out the flights over to Pisa, we also sort out the return ferry crossing – we're good like that! All customers have to do is work out which fabulous route to take through Europe to get back to the UK. (The Just go team has driven this trip loads of times, so we can give you masses of advice on where to go, places to see, campsites etc. if you need it) In the past we have run a video competition for the best 'on tour' film. We have received lots of extremely funny clips which show us that our customers have tons of fun in our motorhomes. This year we decided to run a twitter competition. Over half of our customers have taken up the challenge and are tweeting away. I think the funniest is the Ant/Dec/Simon Cowell visiting the leaning tower of Pisa tweets, but who knows what people will come up with over the next few days! We look forward to it......